G. S. Wark Has An Office Expansion Of Their Own

After years of constructing and renovating offices for their clients, the tables have turned, literally. In the summer of 2015, the Construction House located at 370 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario, originally built by Wark in 1984, has seen some construction activity of its own. With new hires at the Wark office, they were in need of more space. Squeezing desks into the existing space just wasn’t enough. In the recent years with an expansion of the estimating department, hiring a full time corporate safety officer Mike Gzik and a new Business Development/Design Build Manager, John Morrone, more office space was necessary.

Visits to the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association’s physical plans room were dwindling lower and lower as the service is more widely used online. This space was now available for tenancy. Long-time tenant G. S. Wark have had expansions in the past, taking over available tenant space. The opportunity had become available again, this time to expand the Design-Build department. New office and meeting space was constructed for Wark and a renovation of the former plans room for offices for both Wark and HHCA businesses complete with new furniture and tables moved into place.

This summer also saw a major upgrade to the mechanical HVAC system at the Construction House and expansion of the communication system to accommodate for the new offices.